£16,096 Raised

£16,096 Raised

out of £984,103

out of £984,103



God has providentially given us a building in the very centre of London (in the most accessible point) to be able to build a city centre church and now begin a training centre.

With the church growing, and the children’s ministry now outgrowing the existing basement classrooms, there is an urgent need to redevelop the space we have, especially since this issue represents a ceiling to our growth as a church.


The large basement room is wonderful for functions but does not work well for either children’s ministry or other group meetings such as the theology classes we run, or the men’s and women’s Bible Study groups.

In essence, the classes have all now reached maximum capacity for the small rooms, and the large space cannot cope with 2 groups at once for sound reasons.

There is a lack of sound insulation between the basement and the worship area above, and this also hinders the children from being able to sing and play music.


In order to be able to house more children, and have classroom space for all we do, as well as our new Bible training centre,* we need to divide up the large area into classrooms.

We also hope to create a recording studio to assist with the production of evangelistic media for our outreach department.*

*see www.hermeneia.org and www.thelondongap.com


Our plan is to completely re-work the basement, using flexible walling in one area to allow the basement to still be used for functions, but creating classrooms suitable for larger numbers of children/adults than any of the existing rooms.

Unfortunately, in order to do so, (and to prop up the chapel floor which is slowly collapsing) we need to install a network of steel beams between the chapel and the basement and build another wall providing further structural support, which has greatly increased the cost. The local authority is insisting on wheelchair access to the basement which is also raising the cost significantly.

See the architects plans and other documentation below.




Growth in numbers of children also means we need to build a separate men’s toilet block, which will be put under the outside fire escape.

The existing fire exit from the basement will be redeveloped to become an entrance for the children’s ministry.


Our evangelistic media outreach to London continues to grow, and the media arm of GraceLife London’s presence in London is also a great way for us to reach the vast numbers of people in this city.

The plans are to build one solid walled classroom in the basement that will double as a recording studio the rest of the week to enable us to further develop this ministry.


The aisles are sunken and don’t allow disabled access.

With an ageing local population that used to come to the chapel as children, we hope to resolve this and remove the centre pews, replacing them with chairs, to allow us flexible accessible space to develop evangelistic lunch clubs for the elderly. (Cushions from the existing pews will be re-assigned to the gallery which is starting to be used.)

Since the chapel is a listed building of historic interest, the local authority has (as would be expected) imposed restrictions on what we can and cannot do, ensuring the design is in keeping with the period and impacting the kind of materials we can use.


Our current kitchen hasn’t been touched since the 1960’s and is somewhat dangerously below Health & Safety standards, meaning we’re not allowed to prepare food on the premises.

This effectively means starting again, and will likely include seeking local authority permission to install a serving hatch to ease congestion around the refreshments area.


A professional estimate of the costs, and copies of the plans and monies already raised, are available below:

VAT tax
Total (GBP)
Quantity Surveyor’s Build Cost - Estimate    £491,000 20% £589,200
Professional Fees for the Above    £98,200 20% £117,840
Estimate for installing a lift    £100,000  20% £120,000
Party wall fees and any work related   Unknown    Unknown
Planning, building control, etc. fees.   £5,000 N/A £5,000
Site surveys, soil investigation, intrusive surveys 
of existing structure etc. & drain surveys
  Unknown   Unknown
Overhauling existing windows to create more
opening windows
  £20,000 20% £24,000 
Chairs and tables for chapel and basement   £27,000 20% £32,400 
Rental of alternate meeting place during works
(estimate for 4 months)
  £36,000 N/A £36,000
Electrical & AV equipment for new classrooms   £25,000 N/A £25,000
Blackout blinds for chapel winds   £5,000 20% £6,000
Sub Total:       £955,440
Inflation between estimate and commencement   3% N/A £28,663.20



We are rejoicing in the amazing providence of God in providing us with a building in SUCH a strategic location.

Due to the location, the structural issues requiring attention, and the restrictions imposed by the local authorities, the costs will be very high.

We believe that given the location and the opportunity to influence this city and through it, the whole country, the costs are more than worth it.

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