We are working towards the goal of planting four churches over the next 10 years.

Over the last 7 years, GraceLife London has grown from two 2 families to about 200 people.

If that growth continues as it is at the moment, we are planning to plant. We want to make the kind of ministry we enjoy at GraceLife London available to many more people who we know can’t reach us at the moment.

We have key locations identified around the perimeter of London in the North, South, East, and West.

Now we’re looking to identify the key individuals and churches whom God would have partner with us to strengthen our own ministry in order to plant.


We have looked carefully at the distribution of the population of the UK, and calculated that with only 4 more churches planted around the perimeter of this city, we can reach out to more people than if we planted churches in the top 22 most populous cities in our country.

Beyond London, we have identified 21 other locations around Great Britain that we believe would be key locations for a church-plant, but the sheer weight of numbers of people that live in and around this great city makes us believe that London is strategically the obvious place to begin.


> Watch Pastor Tom outlining our hopes and plans to the church as we celebrated 7 years.



For the identification and recruitment of key individuals to come and join the pastoral team at GraceLife London in order to strengthen/develop our church and work towards a church-plant.

For strategic partnerships with the right churches who would share our vision and want to share the burden spiritually and financially to see this work through.


  • Pray. Join our prayer-support! Email us here to receive updates and to be kept informed for prayer.
  • Go. Let us know if you would like to take part in one of these church plants.
  • Give. Funds are needed right now to remove the roadblocks to continued growth — we need to redevelop the building. Funds are also needed to employ the key individuals who will strengthen the work here at GraceLife London and work towards the first church-plant. We already have some individuals we are talking to who are willing to come and join in the work here with planting in mind, but we lack the funds to begin. If you would like to help get this work off the ground and be part of this work of planting by giving, we would love to have your help! 


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